Be the change you want to see in the world

The Loomi vision is to change the way we buy and how we dress for our outdoor activities. By challenging how outdoor clothing is designed and why we bring products to market, we empower ourselves with the confidence to do things differently.

Two women wearing Loomi base layers putting on trail running shoes.

“When life throws you lemons...

...Put them in a Gin & Tonic!
Doddie Weir OBE, 1970-2022

Founded by Anne Weir in 2021, Loomi is not just a clothing brand but a way of life.

With over 30 years’ experience in the fashion and sportswear industry and technical fabric design, Anne’s expertise combined with a passion for the outdoors and sustainable innovative design is the inspiration behind the brand.

By making products that are reliably functional, super versatile, incredibly comfortable, easy to care for and long lasting, our customers choose to wear their Loomi’s day in, day out because they genuinely love wearing them.

We want to encourage a reduction in unnecessary purchases and impact on the environment by demonstrating it’s possible to wear the same items regularly (all day even) without the need to launder after every use.

Loomi Activewear is an independently owned outdoor clothing brand based in the Scottish Borders, home of the finest textiles.

“If we have enough, we have plenty”

Ben Farrell, 1923-2010 (Anne's Grandfather)

“I want to demonstrate that with the right products we can live with fewer clothes in our outdoor wardrobe and have a positive impact on the world in which we live.

“For over three decades, I have developed some of the world’s leading fabric technologies for the biggest outdoor clothing brands and now I’ve the opportunity to create my very own. I imagine a future where consumers are a lot more connected to their clothes and our clothing waste becomes a thing of the past.”

Anne Weir, founder of Loomi Activewear running along a wooded trail.

Love what you do

At Loomi we don’t just design and manufacture outdoor clothing, we’re involved in the process from choosing what Merino wool is selected, how it’s combined with innovative fibres and then woven into fabric (or the very garment itself) using 3D knitting technology.

All this is underpinned with additional experience and passion:

  • Product engineering (product, purpose, process and passion)
  • Human comfort and physiology knowledge
  • A love for trail running and the great outdoors
  • A desire to inspire people to spend more time moving in nature.

Loomi Values

  • Passion

    Get outdoors, move in nature, learn, and draw inspiration from others.

  • Purpose

    No matter how we live our lives or what we desire to create, everything should have a purpose.

  • Patience

    To make something great takes time, transforming what may seem impossible into the realm of possibility.