Engineered and real life tested in Scotland

Three decades of product design and engineering go into Loomi technologies, then fully tested in some of Scotland’s toughest environments by some of our toughest athletes. When you put on a Loomi product you know that it’s designed to perform and not let you down.


Betaspun®️ pushes the boundaries of what is technically possible in lightweight Merino-based products to create tough but extremely comfortable base layers. 

To produce incredibly lightweight Merino fabrics, Loomi uses a spinning technology termed Betaspun®️ specially developed to spin an ultrafine polyamide filament (sometimes called nylon) twisted around the Merino yarn. This enriches the Merino wool fibres to create the yarn used in Loomi Base Layers that’s immensely lightweight, durable and abrasion resistant, significantly reducing the effect of pilling (bobbles).

Close up of Loomi Merino Trail Running Socks in Skyline Blue colourway.

Omega Twist™️

Omega Twist™️ spinning technology yarn makes your Loomi garments durable and helps keep them looking great for longer. 

Used in our socks and developed by our manufacturing partner Südwolle, Omega Twist™️ is an innovative spinning technology that produces a comfortable but extremely tough and durable with increased abrasion-resistant products using Merino wool.

In addition, Omega Twist™️ yarn is developed to reduce surface 'hairiness', so keeps your Loomi Socks feeling soft and looking good with less pilling for longer. 

Close up of integrated washing label on Loomi Base Layer.

Seamless knitting

At Loomi we use fine gauge engineered knitting technology resulting in fewer seams, less waste and a dynamic stretch with snug fit.

The Seamless technology is an innovative concept in producing clothing almost completely free of seams. We also utilise 3D knitting machines to reduce the need to cut and sew together individual pieces of fabric, thus making seams obsolete.

Main advantages:

  • Reduced sewing
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduced waste.

Main benefits:

  • Comfort and durability
  • Better fit and support
  • Cleaner appearance, style and performance.

Naturetexx Plasma™️

Naturetexx Plasma™️ is an innovative treatment at the manufacturing stage that eliminates the use of chlorine salt and water used to treat the surface of Merino fibres to prevent shrinkage during washing.

The NaturetexxPlasma™️ treatment process uses just air and plasma to make garments machine washable at 40 degrees and easy to care for. This results in less time caring for your Loomi and more time out on the trails!