Our Mission

We can’t imagine a life without the need to wear clothes but if we’re going to use valuable resources, energy and time to create something, it should be good in mind and with good intent. It must bring value to your life, be loved, well used and last for a long time.

Our mission is simple and in everything we do – we aim to reduce:


  • Versatility

    Our products are made for life, functional for the trails but comfortable enough for everyday living. This versatility is intended to encourage consumers to buy less and do more with less. 

  • Responsibility

    Our supply chain partners have been carefully selected to provide cutting edge innovation together with sustainable business development, manufacturing excellence and quality compliance.

  • Long Lasting

    Our products are made to last using High Performance Technology developed and tested in the real world to ensure long-lasting durability, functionality and easy care. 

Merino wool garment being stiched together on industrial sewing machine.

Made in Europe with supply chain transparency 

We partner with innovative, transparent and responsible businesses along our value chain with suppliers that can support small production runs to avoid over manufacturing and waste.

Loomi merino base layers on hangers.

Reduced product lines  

Choice is great but do we always need multiple colours options and finishes on the product we choose to wear? The reality is that by producing multiple options we create waste with a proportion of many products being sold at discount or going to landfill reducing value in the supply chain and creating waste. At Loomi we purposefully choose to not offer multiple colour options, avoiding over manufacturing and resulting waste. 

A roll of Merino yarn on an industrial knitting machine.

Manufacturing Compliance

Manufacturing excellence:

Compliance, ethical code of conduct, code of conduct. Oekotex certifications through the supply chain.

We choose to work with responsible manufacturing partners, valuing their skills, capability and transparency and after many rounds of real-life product testing to select the most comfortable and durable garments.

We chose the Suedwolle Group for their innovative yarns, commitment to corporate social responsibilities as well as sustainability and progressive research and development.

Suedwolle Group is a German company with a manufacturing base in Portugal and are aligned with the Loomi vision to deliver technically advanced outdoor activewear using sustainable materials and practices.

Reduced Packaging

Recycled, Reusable and Recyclable 
Our products are delivered from our manufacturer bulk packed (not individually wrapped) to reduce the use of unnecessary plastic.

We use recycled, reusable and recyclable Kraft card and paper packaging and deliver to our customers in an eco-friendly bag, FSC 100% sustainable, biodegradable, compostable, reusable and recyclable. The mailer bag has an extra resealable strip so you can reuse – and why not make a nice bookmark with your swing ticket!